Where The Internet Goes to Gather

Who We Are

Shaker was founded in 2009 by a bunch of friends who wanted an online social experience that could do more.

What we do

We like getting together. Whether it’s meeting up with friends, meeting new people, supporting a cause or going to a concert. We simply wanted more of that.

Shaker`s mission is to bring the notion of life-like places online where people get together with their friends and other people like them – setting the stage for fun social experiences of any kind.

How we do it

Shaker adds another dimension to the Social Network – a layer of places. By giving your Facebook profile arms and legs, Shaker lets you walk around the different venues and environments, choosing from all kinds of events or simply have a good time. You can chat up your friends and their friends, get introduced to like-minded people, listen to music you love or even host your own meet-up and get your people together.


“Behind every great company, stands a great investor.” – True or not, we found some amazing investors to help us pursue our goals. Our appreciation for them goes far beyond accepting their financial support. Their vision, knowledge, and enthusiasm have helped us more than we can articulate.

We are nicely funded by entrepreneurs and investors including: Zaki Rakib, Rami Beracha (Pitango Venture Capital), Shervin Pishevar (Menlo Ventures), Troy Carter (Atom Factory), Scooter Braun, Michael Arrington (CrunchFund), Motorola Mobility Ventures, and Innovation Endeavors.

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